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Pet Cards by Sally Jane Photographic Art



Other Animals Card Gallery

This gallery contains any animals that do not fit in the previous galleries. In time the range of other animals will grow so but if a particular animal you are interested in is not shown then do contact Sally as she may be able to create one especially for you.

Any of these cards can be ordered by anybody with any greeting printed either on the front or inside. Alternatively they can be left blank for any occasion. Minimum order is 10 cards but they can be of mixed designs. See the home page for details of price and postage or contact Sally direct.

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donkey card

Card No. c026

cow card

Card No. c037

hampster card

Card No. c059

sicillian donkey card

Card No. c072

lioness card

Card No. c085

golden eagle greetings card

Card No. c100

Fallow deer stag greetings card

card No. c101

white gyre falcon greetings card

card No. c105

Gyre falcon greetings card

card No. c106


Eagle owl greetings card

Card No. c113

zebra greetings card

Card No. c114


Meerkat card


Card No. c143



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Tel. 07956 448690

e-mail - Images@sally-jane.com

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